Wet & Dry Vacuum

Environmental Solutions Inc. is one of the few environmental contractors in the Midwest to offer both wet and dry vacuum truck services. Our vacuum trucks can hold a combined total of approximately 4,700 liquid gallons. They are equipped with stainless steel tanks for durability and general chemical compatibility.

Our vacuum trucks are also equipped with pressure washers for on site cleanup and decontamination procedures. The 3,000 gallon wet/dry Berringer vacuum truck is also equipped with a power fed sewer jetting line. The Berringer is also capable of vacuuming and pumping at the same time utilizing an onboard transfer pump.
•Tank Cleaning and Vacuuming
•Sewer Jetting
•Mobile Pressure Washing
•Wet and Dry Waste Vacuuming
•Hazardous Waste Transportation
•Liquid Transfer
•Hazardous and Non-hazardous Clean-up